The Business, Management and Law programme publishes titles on a diversity of subjects and offers an array of relevant resources. Titles are aimed toward an international audience of scholars, business professionals, tax practitioners and lawyers. Special initiatives include Anthem Professional and a variety of book series.

Anthem Impact provides a vehicle for authors wishing to publish original, peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific research at a significantly shorter length than previous publishing models have allowed (20,000-30,000 words). Expertly written by recognized authorities and regularly updated, these reference titles offer researchers, graduate students and practitioners in-depth, high-level research and the latest thinking on a range of specialized topics across a variety of subject areas. Available in both digital and print formats, titles include critical, concise and lucid surveys of the current state of research, advanced introductions on emerging subjects and/or original, cutting edge insights into frontier topics.  

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Principles of Global Supply Chain Management

By Yui-yip Lau, Adolf K.Y. Ng, Jorge Acevedo

£80, $125  Hardback

June 2019

The Plight of Potential

By Emerson Csorba

£19.99, $34.95  Hardback

March 2019

Private Equity

By Paul Gompers, Victoria Ivashina, Richard Ruback

£80.00, $120.00  Hardback

March 2019

The Truth about Confident Presenting

By James S. O'Rourke, IV

£65.00, $89.95  Hardback

January 2019

The Craft of Professional Writing

By Michael S. Malone

£22.95, $37.95  Paperback

July 2018

£27.99, $34.95  Hardback

May 2018

£39.99, $49.00  Hardback

December 2017

The Meetings Handbook

By Ronald D. Francis & Anona F. Armstrong

£25.00, $40.00  Paperback

October 2013

£70.00, $115.00  Hardback

June 2012

£19.99, $29.95  Paperback

October 2012

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