Crime, Criminality and Injustice

Crime, Criminality and Injustice

An Interdisciplinary Collection of Revelations

Edited by Simon Prideaux
Mustapha Sheikh
Adam Formby


The chapters in this volume present data and analysis that sheds light on the live experiences of those at the lowest intersections of injustice—Indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, refugees, disabled people, youth, women, children and the poor. The contributors include eminent academics, students at all levels of study, practitioners within the field of social work, legal professionals and social justice activists. Gender, social exclusion, institutional discrimination, the intersectional nature of crimes and effects, (social) media influence and public perception are all key themes that figure in the volume. 

Hardback, 250 Pages


February 2023

£80.00, $110.00

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About This Book

This volume seeks to bring to light the lived experiences of those who are at the lowest intersections of injustice—Indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, refugees, disabled people, the youth, women, children and the poor. It is the fruit of a series of presentations that were delivered for the (In)justice International Workshops 2021 by a variety of commentators, ranging from eminent academics, students at all levels of study, practitioners within the fields of social work and ‘live experience’ alongside victims, esteemed barristers and social justice activists. 
These were presented to an audience of 524 attendees representing 28 countries and they formed the basis upon which broader, more holistic discussions of the lived experiences and traumas of people from different Indigenous origins, ethnicities, disabilities and the ‘so-called’ problematic youth (of all types) could take place.  Gender, social exclusion, institutional discrimination, the intersectional nature of these crimes and effects, (social) media influence and public perception were also prominent aspects of the presentations and ensuing deliberations.
Like this volume intends to do, the workshops uniquely combined the strengths and insights of social policy, sociology, politics and criminology whilst demonstrating a historical/cultural awareness of the issues at hand.  Presentations from this workshop that appear in this book facilitate a combination of theoretical knowledge with a deep awareness of pertinent interpretations of the past or present to promote a greater understanding of why political policies and directions have been embarked upon. In so doing, they—when taken in a multidisciplinary context—help to explain and describe some of the most devastating social outcomes relating to many of the political undertakings portrayed in each chapter.


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Author Information

Simon Prideaux is the Director and Co-founder of (In)Justice International. He has written, co-authored and edited four books entitled Crimes of States and Powerful Elites (2021), State Crime and Immorality: The Corrupting Influence of the Powerful (2016), Understanding Disability Policy (2012), Not So New Labour: A Sociological Critique of New Labour’s Policy and Practice (2005).

Adam Formby is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln with an interest in the sociology and social policy of youth and works in several areas which include widening participation, education-to-work transitions, work and 'precarity', youth policy, youth justice and youth subcultures (i.e. memorialisation of video-games). When undertaking such interests, Adam also engages with a wide array of social research methodologies such as interviews, focus groups, auto-ethnographic methods, policy analysis, realist evaluation and quantitative methods. 

Mustapha Sheikh is an Associate Professor of Islamic Thought and Muslim Societies and head of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds. Mustapha’s areas of expertise include Ottoman history, Islamic law and legal theory, Muslim intellectual history and Islamic finance.  He has recently been appointed the position of Visiting Professor to the University of the Punjab, Pakistan.



Table of Contents

Acknowledgements; List of Editors and Contributors; Editor’s Introduction to the Book; Introduction to Part , Chapter 1, The Detainment of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, China: A Case Study of State and Corporate Crime; Chapter 2, ‘Will It Ever End?’ The Continuous Cycle of Inequalities Faced By Romani Gypsy, Roma Traveller Populations; Chapter 3, The Destruction of the Amazon: State-Corporate Genocide; Introduction to Part 2, Chapter 4, Austerity Britain: A Case Study of State Crimes Against the Working Poor; Chapter 5, Social Harm and the UK ‘Kickstart’ to Same Old, Same Old Youth Policies; Chapter 6, Informal Workers: From Atomised Objects to Collective Subjects; Introduction to Part 3, Chapter 7, Disabled People’s Street-Begging: An Ancient Livelihood Necessitated by Urbanity; Chapter 8, The Impact of Art and Sensory Experiences in the Physical Activities of Young People Affected by Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities; Chapter 9, Access to Justice for Disabled People in Nigeria: A Case Study of a Therapeutic Day Care Centre; Introduction to Part 4, Chapter 10, An Injustice of Youth: The Social Harm and Marginalisation of Young People in the UK; Chapter 11, Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in the UK; Chapter 12, Deaths and Social Harm: The Trajectories of Pregnant Refugees Attempting to Cross the Mediterranean in Search for Europe; Concluding Remarks; Index


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