Extending Hinge Epistemology

Extending Hinge Epistemology

Edited by Constantine Sandis & Danièle Moyal-Sharrock

Anthem Studies in Wittgenstein

The essays in this volume present new voices and challenges within hinge epistemology. They explore new applications and directions of hinge epistemology, particularly as it relates to the philosophy of mind, society, ethics, and the history of ideas.

Hardback, 250 Pages


June 2022

£80.00, $125.00

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About This Book

Hinge Epistemology is a new branch of philosophy inspired by Ludwig Wittgenstein’s view in On Certainty, that 'the questions that we raise, and our doubts, depend on the fact that some propositions are exempt from doubt, are as it were like hinges on which those turn' (OC 341). Hinge Epistemology is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting areas of epistemology and Wittgenstein studies. In connecting these two fields it brings a revived energy to both, opening them up to fresh developments. The essays in this volume extend the subject in terms of both depth and breadth in the following ways: 

(i) Fastening the hinges: In the opening essays of the book, proponents of the three major perspectives on the nature of hinge certainties strengthen their views, often by virtue of response to one another. These are followed by essays presenting new voices and challenges within hinge epistemology.

(ii) Opening the door: The second half of the book explores new applications and directions of hinge epistemology, particularly as it relates to the philosophy of mind, society, ethics, and the history of ideas. 


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Author Information

Constantine Sandis is professor of philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire, a founding director of Lex Academic, and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Danièle Moyal-Sharrock is professor of philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire and president of the British Wittgenstein Society.


Anthem Studies in Wittgenstein

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments; Introduction; Part I: Fastening the Hinges; 1. Danièle Moyal-Sharrock: Wittgenstein’s Hinge Certainty; 2. Duncan Pritchard: Exploring Quasi-Fideism; 3. Annalisa Coliva: Which Hinge Epistemology between Animal, Bioscopic and Constitutivist?; 4. Paul Standish: Something Animal, Something Unpredictable: On the Difficulty of Finding the Beginning and Not Trying to Go Further Back; 5. Xavier Maréchal: Closure-Based Scepticism and Epistemic Restrictions: A Dialectical Approach; 6. Jasmin Trächtler: Hinges of Trust: Wittgenstein on the Other Minds Problem; Part II: Opening the Door; 1. Chris Ranalli: Political Hinge Epistemology; 2. Michel Le Du: Collective Thought and Absolute Beliefs; 3. Victor Loughlin: Hinge Epistemology and Enactivism; 4. Angélique Thébert: In Defence of a Reidian Moderate View of our Hinge Commitments; 5. Constantine Sandis: Consider the Squirrel: Hume as Hinge Epistemologist.


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