How to Find Work in the 21st Century

How to Find Work in the 21st Century

A Guide to Finding Employment in Today’s Workplace

By Ron McGowan

A practical guide to finding meaningful employment in today’s workplace.

EPUB, 182 Pages


September 2013



September 2013

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About This Book

When experienced people who have been in a steady job for years are made redundant, coming to terms with today’s workplace is a major challenge. This challenge is even greater for those fresh out of college or university and who are looking to get their foot in the door. After all, the workplace is going through one of its most significant transitions in the past 100 years.

“How to Find Work in the 21st Century” explores this new world of work and suggests where the workplace is headed while providing successful and effective ways to sell and market yourself so you can find your place in today’s job market.

Learn to: –capitalize on what YOU have to offer.

–define your personal and career profile

–market yourself


–navigate digital platforms

–master the art of the CV

–create your own job

–manage your own career


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Author Information

Ron McGowan has helped thousands of graduates and professionals across Canada, the UK and Ireland to find work over the past ten years. His articles have been published internationally and he has written for the “Wall Street Journal” and the “Globe and Mail.”


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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements; Notice to Readers; Preface; Introduction; 1. How the Workplace Has Changed; 2. What Exactly Do You Have to Offer?; 3. How to Market Yourself; 4. The Role of the Internet; 5. Guidelines for Post-secondary Students; 6. Create Your Own Job; 7. Getting Started; 8. Managing Your Career; Conclusion; Appendix


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