Law and Humanities

Law and Humanities

Edited by Russell Sandberg & Daniel Newman

Anthem Law and Society Series

This edited collection provides the first accessible introduction to Law and Humanities. Each chapter explores the nature, development and possible further trajectory of a disciplinary ‘law and’ field.

Hardback, 250 Pages


January 2024

£120.00, $195.00

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About This Book

In the last thirty to forty years, interdisciplinary scholarship on law has significantly increased. Law has a number of different potential disciplinary bedfellows. It can be seen as a social science but also as part of the humanities. Given how ubiquitous social scientific theories and methods are within legal studies, this collection explores law’s place within the humanities. It examines a number of ‘law and’ interactions in turn with the aim of exploring what these different fields can learn from each other and what this reveals about the law and humanities approach in general.

Law and Humanities provides the first accessible, introductory but critical guide to this emerging area of scholarship. Unlike the existing works that adopt a thematic approach, this is the only edited collection that explores law and humanities field by field. Experts in each ‘law and’ field analyse the nature, development and future of their respective fields, placing this within the law and humanities context for the first time. Each chapter provides a seminal contribution to the respective field while the volume as a whole represents a major work in the development of law and humanities, as well as to interdisciplinary legal studies generally.


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Author Information

Daniel Newman is Reader in Law at Cardiff University. His research focuses on access to justice.

Russell Sandberg is Professor of Law at Cardiff University. His research interrogates the interaction between law and humanities, with particular reference to law and religion and legal history.


Anthem Law and Society Series

Table of Contents


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