Logos and Life

Logos and Life

Essays on Mind, Action, Language and Ethics

By Roger Teichmann

Anthem Studies in Wittgenstein

The essays in Logos and Life cover topics in philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, ethics and philosophy of language. Several take as their starting points the ideas of Wittgenstein and of Elizabeth Anscombe. They will be of interest to anyone studying these philosophers.

Hardback, 240 Pages


March 2022

£80.00, $125.00

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About This Book

The essays in Logos and Life, the earliest written in 2001 but mainly dating from 2014 and later, cover topics in philosophy of mind, philosophy of action, ethics and philosophy of language. There are discussions of the voluntary and the involuntary; reasons for action; the idea of an ‘inner state’; pleasure; the nature of ethics; justice; necessity and possibility; and a number of other topics. Numerous strands connect these four areas, which Roger Teichmann highlights: in this sense the collection exhibits thematic unity as well as diversity.

Several of the essays take as their starting points the ideas and philosophical methods of Wittgenstein and of Elizabeth Anscombe, and so will be of interest to anyone studying those philosophers. Anscombe was a friend and pupil of Wittgenstein, and Teichmann was fortunate enough to be a friend and pupil of Anscombe. He is now a leading authority on her philosophy.

A newly written Introduction serves to indicate the main themes and arguments of the book, and provide an overall statement of Teichmann’s philosophy. 


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Author Information

Roger Teichmann is lecturer in philosophy at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, and a leading authority on the work of Elizabeth Anscombe.


Anthem Studies in Wittgenstein

Table of Contents

Introduction; Part I: Mind Chapter One The Functionalist’s Inner State; Chapter Two ‘Not a Something’; Chapter Three Sincerity in Thought; Chapter Four Is Pleasure a Good?; Part II: Action Chapter Five The Voluntary and the Involuntary: Themes from Anscombe; Chapter Six Rational Choice Theory and Backward- Looking Motives; Chapter Seven Meaning, Understanding and Action; Chapter Eight Why ‘Why?’? Action, Reasons and Language; Part III Ethics Chapter Nine Ethics and Philosophy: Aristotle and Wittgenstein Compared; Chapter Ten ‘How Should One Live?’ Williams on Practical Deliberation and Reasons for Acting; Chapter Eleven ‘An Inculcated Caring’: Ryle on Moral Knowledge; Chapter Twelve Are There Any Intrinsically Unjust Acts?; Part IV Language Chapter Thirteen The Identity of a Word; Chapter Fourteen Ryle on Hypotheticals; Chapter Fifteen Metaphysics and Modals; Chapter Sixteen Conceptual Corruption; Sources; Index.


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