Pathways to Action

Pathways to Action

How Keystone Organizations Can Lead the Fight for Climate Change

By Peter McAteer
Foreword by Larry Susskind

Climate Change: Science, Policy and Implementation

We are not acting fast enough on climate change! Pathways to Action shows how keystone organizations can take seemingly impossible situations and turn them into business opportunities.

Hardback, 250 Pages


August 2022

£21.99, $26.95

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About This Book

Climate change is like no other challenge we have ever faced. We have seen technology change driven by computers and information systems. The rate of change is determined by market acceptance and economics. We have also witnessed social changes in areas like voting rights, civil rights, child labor and gender equality. However, these social transformations have been much slower and in many cases are only partially accepted even after a century or more of effort. 

Climate change is unique because global warming doesn’t care if we agree with the science, and it doesn’t slow down because we are unwilling to act. The science is not driven by our focus on quarterly earnings and is not determined by public opinion. 

The purpose of Pathways to Action is to engage the reader in ideas about accelerating action. How can we prioritize certain approaches that allow for faster change at an industrial level? What are the biggest targets? Who can do more? What is the blueprint for action? The actions we take or don’t take will be this generation’s legacy for our children and grandchildren.


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Author Information

Peter McAteer is a managing director of SustainLearning LLC; advisor on sustainability to several companies; and the former managing director of Harvard Business Publishing, Corporate Learning.


Climate Change: Science, Policy and Implementation

Table of Contents

List of Tables; List of Figures; Foreword; Introduction; Part I: Our Failure to Work Together; Chapter 1: Is Anyone Listening? Part II: Leadership Opportunities; Chapter 2: Industry Opportunities; Chapter 3: Government Opportunities; Part III: Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way; Chapter 4: Change Leaders; Chapter 5: Change Followers; Part IV: Acting Sooner, Acting Faster; Chapter 6: Partnership Pathways; Chapter 7: Public Policy Pathways; Chapter 8: Ecosystem Pathways; Chapter 9: Personal Pathways; Chapter 10: A Pathway Story; Appendix: Pathway Resources to Get Started; Acknowledgements; Index; Endnotes


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