Perfect Nightmare

Perfect Nightmare

By Norman Stanton

Earth, Air, Fire and Water form the backdrop to a tale of three characters who have a similar apocalyptic dream. Their travels take them across America where the story unfolds as the three struggle to make sense of the chaotic world of the Perfect Nightmare.

Paperback, 212 Pages


May 2013

£9.99, $18.95

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About This Book

‘Perfect Nightmare’ is the story of how three people, impelled by a shared apocalyptic dream of the future, set up an international organization to help reduce the death toll when natural disasters occur. The motifs of the story are dreams, death and alienation.

The three main characters are Arnold, a retired solicitor and Deepal Patel (Dee), a nineteen-year-old ex-student, both from England, and Amos Talbot, a Native American drifter, working as a miner in Roanoke, West Virginia, USA.

The main plot traces the journey of Arnold and Dee to the United States, where they meet up with Amos and set up the Earth Office in the city of Washington. Their adventures take them to Delaware, New York, Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho, Lima in Peru and culminates in Seattle and the eruption of Mt Rainier, a volcano just outside Seattle.

The three characters, though naïve, blunder along in comic strip fashion through an imperfect world, like Don Quixote and his entourage. Their travels reflect some of what is wrong in the world, but also what can be achieved with a good heart and a strong commitment.


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Author Information

Norman Stanton lives noisily in North London with his wife, three children and their families, including nine grandchildren.


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