Personal Data Collection Risks in a Post-Vaccine World

Personal Data Collection Risks in a Post-Vaccine World

Edited by Colette Mazzucelli
James Felton Keith
C. Ann Hollifield
Foreword by
Afterword by

Anthem Ethics of Personal Data Collection

The editors observe that in key texts written to teach international relations less mention is made of personal data collection risks in countries around the globe.

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January 2023

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January 2023

£25.00, $32.00

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About This Book

The literature that references personal data collection risks is growing amidst international scandals, notably the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook interference in the Brexit referendum and 2016 US Presidential election as well as other elections in countries throughout our world. Questions of fundamental importance to the study and practice of international relations are being asked as concerns are expressed, including the most pressing that speak to accountability, the ethics of use in local areas, and the impact on the vulnerable populations that information and communications technologies (ICTs) promise to serve. Yet, the editors observe that in key texts written to teach international relations, less mention is made of personal data collection risks in countries around the globe. This book addresses this significant omission in the literature. The editors and contributors to this volume consider the limitations of existing theories in international relations to address the present context, as personal data collection risks become more significant in a COVID-19 world.


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Author Information

Colette Mazzucelli, Graduate Faculty, NYU New York, is Founder and Principal, LEAD IMPACT Reconciliation Institute LLC, and President (Academia), 2020-2022, Global Listening Centre.

Ann Hollifield, Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia, is a scholar, research and media management consultant. Her work focuses on international media economics, management and audience data analytics.

James Felton Keith is CEO at Inclusion Score Inc., Chairperson of Keith Institute, and lecturer at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business.


Anthem Ethics of Personal Data Collection

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements; Foreword, President Emeritus John Sexton, New York University; Introduction, Colette Mazzucelli, James Felton Keith, and Andrea Adams; Part I: Data to the People? Surveillance Capitalism and the Need for a Legal Reconceptualization of Personal Data Beyond the Notion of Privacy, Jakub Wojciech Kibitlewski; Human Subjects, Digital Protocols: The Future of Institutional Review Boards (IRBS) and Digital Research in Vulnerable Communities, Charles Martin-Shields and Ziad Al Achkar; Part II: Rome Vs. Regions: Government in Italy During Covid-19 – Implications for the Future of the European Union (EU), Christian Rossi, Colette Mazzucelli, and David C. Unger; Roma Lives Matter under the Covid-19 Pandemic: But More So for Populist Nationalism, Andras L. Pap; Ethics of Personal Data Collection in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BIH), Mary Kate Schneider; Part III: Lessons from the Ebola Epidemic in Sierra Leone: The Importance of State, INGO, and Local Network Actors, Thynn Thynn Hlaing and Emilie J. Greenhalgh; The Digital ‘Marketplace of Ideas’: The Need for a Human Rights-Centered, Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Cyber Norms, Laura Salter; Conclusion, Colette Mazzucelli, Andrea Adams, and Anna Grichting; Afterword, Annette Richardson, Partner, Ambershore Group; Contributors; Index.


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