Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis

Biography of a New Republican Strongman

By Flore Kayl & Laure Pallez

This book is a biography of Ron DeSantis, Florida’s Governor who dared oppose Donald Trump and who inspires other Republican governors. The authors propose a non-partisan biography of the ambitious new Republican strongman.

Paperback, 140 Pages


April 2024

£14.99, $19.95

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About This Book

Former candidate in the race for his Party’s designation, Ron DeSantis is a rising star of the GOP. Despite his withdrawal from the tense campaign trail against Donald Trump and Nikki Haley, he is one of America’s best-known governors with a promising future.

The governor of Florida showcases an outstanding academic career, Yale then Harvard, and an exemplary military record. His consistency reassures both middle-class voters and big donors. Spokesman for the anti-woke culture war in the United States, he benefits from a strong republican and far-right electoral basis. A serious man with a clear vision on what he wants to do, he advocates deregulation, and the reduction of federal taxes and public debt.

Florida is the American dream, the blueprint for America in the next century, and DeSantis believes it is replicable across the country. Among his other assets are his youth, his image of a model family father, and his secret weapon—his wife Casey DeSantis. She allows him to soften his image of a calculating politician.

Aged 45, DeSantis therefore brings a breath of fresh air to the Republicans. He is a character to follow in Washington and in Florida in the next decade. We are witnessing the emergence of a new strongman in America.


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Author Information

A French national living abroad for 20 years, Flore Kayl is passionate about writing and politics. She now lives in Florida, where she is a consultant in international brand strategy.

Laure Pallez has been an expatriate for two decades, including 10 years in China, and has worked 4 years for the French Embassy in the United States. She has been involved in politics for 10 years and ran for the French Senate.


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Table of Contents

Introduction; Part 1: Ron DeSantis’s Beginnings; Part 2: Governor DeSantis; Part 3: The DeSantis’ Doctrine; Part 4: The New Strongman of the Republican Right; Part 5: DeSantis’s America; Conclusion


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