Sociology Global

Sociology Global

Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

By R Sooryamoorthy

The book examines the world of sociology and its global features and trends. It covers themes such as: sociologies in the world, major research areas in sociology, collaboration and interdisciplinarity, and contemporary challenges, pertinent issues and debates.

EPUB, 230 Pages


February 2023

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PDF, 230 Pages


February 2023

£35.00, $50.00

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About This Book

Sociology as a discipline has a history of two centuries which has varied between countries. Its presence across the world is felt now more than ever. Over the years, sociology has been established as a discipline and contributed to the advancement of knowledge about society through scientific research. This facilitated the development of knowledge in other areas and disciplines as well. What sociology is doing globally, the contributions it has made to our knowledge of society and social phenomena, and the direction in which it is moving are of interest to both academics and the general public. There are many books that describe the
global character of sociology, but a fully research-based empirical work is yet to arrive on the market. This book fills that gap. It is about sociologies around the world. Viewed from a global perspective, this research-based study examines the world of sociology and its global features and trends. Specifically, the book deals with the trends in sociology; the broad and general areas of fields, subfields and research areas; the prominent, flourishing, emerging and/or declining areas of sociology; the origin of sociological knowledge; geographical regions and countries; the characteristics of global sociology in terms of language, research methodology, disciplinary backgrounds, interdisciplinarity and authorship; the relationships between the country of affiliation of authors and research areas; the effects of gender of the author and its interrelationships with the discipline, department, research areas and collaboration. The book will be an important resource for students, teachers, practitioners, researchers and the public. - The aim of this book is to examine the world of sociology and its global features and trends. It is viewed from a global perspective and exercises sociologies in different parts of the world which are integral. More specifically, the study examines sociology through sociological research, across countries where the discipline exists. The book deals with themes such as sociologies in the world, major research areas in sociology, collaboration and interdisciplinarity, and contemporary challenges, pertinent issues and debates. The book has eight chapters. - The topics the book deals with include the trends in sociology as inferred from sociology publications; the broad and general research areas that are evident in sociology at the global level; the prominent, flourishing, declining and/or emerging areas of sociology; the origin of sociological knowledge—geographical regions and countries; the characteristics of global sociology in terms of language, research methodology, disciplinary backgrounds, interdisciplinarity and authorship; the relationships between the country of affiliation of authors and research areas; the differences in the departmental affiliation and disciplinary backgrounds of authors; the gender of the author and its interrelationships with the discipline, department, research areas and collaboration; the effect of gender, discipline and collaboration of authors on the impact of sociology; and the key outlets and the location of the outlets of sociological research.


This book is lucid and fresh – it offers a provocative overview of sociology over time and across space. The discipline of sociology emerged and became institutionalised with a focus on individual societies. Sooryamoorthy goes beyond reviewing the ways in which this discipline has been adapted to examine a globalising world. He demonstrates that the insights of sociology are indispensable for coming to terms with global challenges —Gregory Hooks, McMaster University, Canada.

Finally, a book that acknowledges and explains efforts and successes of sociologists to shed light on the multiplicity and complexity of social processes throughout the world. Professor Sooryamoorthy shows that sociology has grown to be a truly global science constantly contributing to a better understanding of how to improve the conditions of humankind —Devorah Kalekin-Fishman, University of Haifa, Israel.

Sociology Global offers a rich, data-driven mapping of global sociology – its development, its diverse forms and currents and its acute relevance in our challenging times. Comprehensive in its scope and meticulous in its comparative analysis, this volume confirms the view that global sociology is a field whose time has truly come —William K. Carroll, University of Victoria, Canada.

Sooryamoorthy has produced an excellent, highly readable and necessary survey of sociological research around the world, and in a way that pays serious attention to voices from the global south. Mining evidence from a broad spectrum of journals and databases, he outlines major trends insociological knowledge and factors influencing it in various locations, thereby offering an indispensable guide for anyone interested in the structures, problems, contributions and fortunes of global social knowledge—Mohammed Bamyeh, University of Pittsburgh, USA.

Sociology Global provides a bird’s-eye view of the world of sociology. For those in the field, this work refocuses our attention from discussions of classics or contemporary developments in the global north. It is a welcome addition to the burgeoning field of scientometrics and should interest those who would like to know about the global reach and scope of sociology. The wealth of data given in Sociology Global provides a rich site from which to theorise on the sociology of knowledge and to understand the global structures that support and constrain knowledge production in the social sciences. As its author hopes, this is undoubtedly a ‘benchmark study for the future’. - Sociological Bulletin

Author Information

R Sooryamoorthy is Professor of Sociology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He is also Research Fellow at the DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in STI Policy, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He is the author of Sociology in South Africa (Palgrave, 2016) and co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Africa (Oxford University Press, 2022).


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Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables; List of Abbreviations and Acronyms; Preface; Sociology Global; Mapping Sociology; A Global Spectrum of Sociology; Issues in Sociology; Research Interests; Sociological Research: Analysis of Publications; Sociological Interests Today; Confronting Challenges and Transcending the Borders; Chapter Summary and  Keywords;  References; Index


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