The Case for Kosova

The Case for Kosova

Passage to Independence

Edited by Anna Di Lellio
Afterword by Ismaïl Kadaré

Anthem Series on Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies

Anthem European Studies

Makes the case for Kosova's independence; a challenging and unique book to inspire serious debate.

Paperback, 210 Pages


July 2006

£14.99, $24.95

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About This Book

This book makes the case for the independence of Kosova – the former province of 'old Yugoslavia' and now temporarily a United Nations-led International protectorate – at a time in which international diplomacy is deeply involved in solving the contested issue of its 'Final Status'. Negotiations began in January 2006 under the auspices of a United Nations Special Envoy, and have been given renewed impetus by the international community’s determination to arrive at a solution.' The Case for Kosova' aims to contribute to these negotiations, by providing informed arguments for a different approach to the issue of Kosova's status beyond the limitations of current debates. Its aim is to counteract the anti-Albanian propaganda waged by some parties, but never to propose a counter-propaganda hostile to others or to the goals of a democratic Kosova. Debates on Kosova have largely concentrated on a specific aspect of the issue: either on ideology and myth construction (ignoring translations into practice); on geo-politics (missing the deep implications for stability and security); or on policy (lacking a conceptual understanding of both ideologies and processes). Until now, no book has linked these different fields in a persuasive manner. 'The Case for Kosova' fills this gap with an intellectually challenging and politically relevant commentary from key players in the debate.


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Author Information

Anna Di Lellio holds a PhD in Sociology from Columbia University and a Masters in Public Policy and International Affairs from New York University. She has extensive experience in Kosovo, first as Media Commissioner, and later as Political Advisor to the UN Kosovo Protection Corps Coordinator.

Ismaïl Kadaré is a world-renowned Albanian writer. In 1992, he was awarded the Prix mondial Cino Del Duca; in 2005, he won the inaugural Booker International Prize. He has divided his time between France and Albania since 1990.


Anthem Series on Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies

Anthem European Studies

Table of Contents

The Contributors; Editor's Note; Preface; Introduction; 1. Is Kosova a Late Creation of the Yugoslav State and Should It Be Considered the Cradle of the Serb Nation?; 2. Were Albanians Always on the Side of the Ottoman Empire against Christian Powers?; 3. Is It True that Albanians in Kosova are not Albanians, but Descendants from Albanized Serbs?; Is the Muslim Conversion of Albanians the Main Cause of the Estrangement Between Slavs and Albanians?; 5. Is It True that Albanians Invaded Kosova?; 6. Is It True that Albanians are Responsible for an Orchestrated Campaign to Destroy Kosova's Cultural Heritage in Modern Times?; 7. Have Ethnic and Religious Animosities Caused the Destruction of the Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Kosova during the Ottoman Period?; 8. Was the Albanian Opposition to the Serb Kingdom's Annexation in 1912 Without Justification?; 9. Is the Complaint about the Serb State's Deportation Policy of Albanians Between the Two World Wars Based on Myth?; 10. Is It True that Albanians Collaborated with Nazi Germany during WWII?; 12. Did Albanians in Kosova Breach their Voluntary Commitment to Join Yugoslavia in 1945?; 13. Have Albanians Been Against a Peaceful Solution to the Question of Kosova's Autonomy?; 14. Have Albanian Terrorism and Separatism Been the Cause of the Yugoslav State Violence During the 1990s?; 15. Was the KLA a Criminal, Terrorist and Islamist Organization?; 16. Is It True that there is No Right of Self-Determination for Kosova?; 17. Was the Former 1999 NATO Intervention an Illegal War Against the Former Republic of Yugoslavia?; 18. Is It True that the NATO Bombing and the KLA were Responsible for the Albanian Refugee Crisis and that the Number of Albanians Killed During the War Has Been Grossly Exaggerated?; 19. Were Albanians Responsible for Reverse Ethnic Cleansing After the War?; 20. Is it True that an Independent Kosova Will Inevitably be a Mono-Ethnic State, Unless Serb Communities and Their Territories Become Autonomous?; 21. Is It True that a Human Rights Culture, Respectful of Minorities, is Impossible in Kosova?; 22. Would an Independent Kosova be an Islamic State?, 23. Would Kosova Survive Economically as an Independent State?; 24. Is It True that Kosova Cannot Govern Itself and Needs Further International Tutelage, or Conditional Independence?; 25. Is It True that Kosova is a Clannish Society Still Regulated by the Kanun, or the Customary Law, and Does Not Belong to the West?; 26: Is Greater Albania a Threat?; 27. Is It True that the Independence of Kosova Would Destabilize the Balkans and Endanger the Possibility of Stabilizing Other Areas of the World, for example, Chechnya or Nagorno Karabach?; 28. Is It True that Decentralization is the Key to Security and Stability in Kosova?; Afterword


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