The Digital World of Sport

The Digital World of Sport

The Impact of Emerging Media on Sports News, Information and Journalism

By Sam Duncan

Anthem Studies in Emerging Media and Society

The book analyses how new media, and in particular, digital and social media, has changed the world of sports forever, from its pivotal role in the evolution of the sports industry and its trailblazing impact on the broader media industry.

EPUB, 176 Pages


September 2020

£25.00, $40.00

PDF, 176 Pages


September 2020

£25.00, $40.00

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About This Book

This book is about how new media, and in particular, digital and social media, has changed the world of sports forever. The way fans receive information, communicate and form communities now predominantly lives online.  

But perhaps even more significant is the evolution of the sports media industry, where digital media has impacted the broader media industry, stimulated new media organisations, changed old media organisations and altered old conventions of journalism in equal measure.


It is no exaggeration to suggest that new media has turned the sports industry on its head. The implications for this are profound – both exciting and disturbing. So too is the impact on the way we form communities, the quality of news created, the way we receive information and prioritise news and content – all fundamental to our democratic processes and social and political lives.

 This study draws on the expertise of academics, scholars, experts and professionals at the forefront of the sports, media, and journalism fields. Calling upon the worldwide appeal of the sporting industry, this book is a prevailing testament to the pure influence of digital media on ALL parts of society.


The Digital World of Sport captures the underlying changes in form and content, in our globally digitised world, of sports and sports media. The book shows how new platforms, timelines and voices perform. Dr Duncan also demonstrates that in the new virtual world of images, the traditional, mythic staple of story is still at the centre of play. — Professor Stephen Alomes, Global Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University, Melbourne

Sam Duncan has written an informative and highly readable book. It is a 'must-read' not only for academics with a professional interest in digital sports media, but also for general readers curious about how the sports media industry works. Duncan's book is an invaluable contribution to the areas of sport studies and sports media. — Tom Heenan, Lecturer, The Monash Intercultural Lab (MIL), Monash University, Australia

Author Information

Sam Duncan is a lecturer of sports media and sport business, published author and contributor to a range of Australia’s media publications including The Age, Ten Daily, The New Daily and the AFL Record.


Anthem Studies in Emerging Media and Society

Table of Contents

Introduction; 1. An Online World; 2. New Media, New Players; 3. New Ways of Watching Sport; 4. A Voice of Their Own; 5. Athletes as Activists; 6. Strained Relationships, Outrage, Anger and Emotion; 7. New Forms of Sports Journalism; 8. The Future of Sports Media: A New Reality; 9. Issues and Implications for Journalism in the Digital World; Conclusion; References; Index.


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