The Next Right Move

The Next Right Move

Making the Right Career Steps in a Digital Age

By J. Mark Munoz & Stephen Krempl

The book is a fictional story about three characters who go on a road trip and experience technology, organizations, and work life in 2030, charting a developmental journey and pathway towards a happy, healthy, and productive life ahead.

Hardback, 86 Pages


July 2021

£12.99, $14.95

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About This Book

The book is a story about three characters who go on a road trip and experience technology, organizations, and work life in 2030. Through their journey, the reader will encounter a new job entrant, one in the middle of his career, and another who is contemplating on what to do to finish strong. They all will think through key questions and resolve issues individually, from other people or situations encountered along the way. There are exciting learning opportunities relating to how the characters approach, think, and decide on what to do to get ahead in the Corporate America of the future. 

The book centers around the authors’ individual passions around AI, future trends, and the changing nature of work. The simple story offers unique insights on what scenarios exist, how to manage the challenges, and capitalize on opportunities to achieve career success. The book hopes the story will get readers to think about what needs to be done to prepare for future careers. The featured lessons will help readers make the appropriate right steps towards a developmental journey and pathway towards a happy, healthy, and productive life ahead.


“The authors paint an intriguing story of what might be right around the corner for many of us in the near future. Knowing the auto industry, some of what’s envisioned is already in the pipeline or being deployed now. And much of what isn’t already in the works will be here even sooner than we think.” —Chad Jacoby, Auto Industry Professional

"This book is the Back to the Future of business reality in the next decade to come. If anyone wants to take a peak at Work-Life in 2030 then this is it! You will very soon know if you are ready or not for the changes to come, and if not, like most of us, it will guide you to the Right decisions!" —Ahmed Afzal, Corporate Executive & Entrepreneur

“A helpful and comprehensive guide, with lots of fundamental digital world learnings, topics, and concepts. If you know someone starting or getting ready for a new career, this book would certainly make a great gift.” —John Rares Almasan, Public Speaker/Academic Lecturer/Technology Executive

“In The Next Right Move, Mark Munoz and Stephen Krempl present a road trip anno 2030 with some of the challenges faced by our future selves and it raises the important topic: how to keep up and stay relevant when improvements in technology shift from happening between generations to happening within generations. In this setting, learning is not something you do before you start your career, it is your career. A highly recommended read.” —Troels Steenstrup Jensen, Senior Manager, Head of Machine Learning and Quantum Technologies, KPMG Denmark, Advisory

“This provocative account of what life may be like in 2030 is not just a compelling exercise in futurism, but is also a thoughtful guide to how we can manage our own careers as the relationships between humans and technology changes over the next decade. If you want to jumpstart your own long-term career planning, this is an excellent place to begin.” —Leslie Shannon, Head of Ecosystem and Trend Scouting, Nokia

"This quick read is valuable for employers and individuals in all stages of their careers who want to prepare for the workforce of tomorrow. Through storytelling, the authors provide the reader with a glimpse into the future where they will learn the importance of being a lifelong learner and explore critical lessons to stay relevant in a constantly evolving workplace." —Trevor Ennis, Vice President, Learning & Development at Albertsons Companies

Author Information

Mark Munoz is a professor of international business at Millikin University in Illinois, and a former visiting fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He is a recipient of several awards including four best research paper awards, an international book award, a literary award, and the ACBSP Teaching Excellence Award among others. Aside from top-tier journal publications, he has authored/edited/co-edited over twenty books. 

Stephen Krempl is an international speaker, facilitator, best selling author, and business communication coach. He has helped thousands of leaders in corporations and students in over 30 countries become more visible to senior management.


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Table of Contents

Prologue; 1 The First Right; 2 Gas Station; 3 Restaurant; 4 Hotel; 5 House; 6 Government; 7 Office; 8 Virtual Call; 9 SpaceZ; 10 Getting It Right; Epilogue; Bibliography; About the Authors.


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