The Rights Track

The Rights Track

Sound Evidence on Human Rights and Modern Slavery

By Todd Landman & Christine Garrington

Anthem Free Press

The Rights Track: Sound Evidence on Human Rights and Modern Slavery uses rich content from The Rights Track podcast [] in an innovative book that enhances and enriches our understanding of the human rights challenges facing the world today.

Paperback, 250 Pages


July 2022

£25.00, $40.00

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About This Book

The Rights Track: Sound Evidence on Human Rights and Modern Slavery uses rich content from The Rights Track podcast [] in an innovative book that enhances and enriches our understanding of the human rights challenges facing the world today. This book showcases the important role of evidence in tackling those challenges and explores the medium of podcasting as a tool for discussing how research evidence is used to protect and promote human rights. 

The book is situated in the context of the post-9/11 era and the many geo-political changes that have taken place over the first two decades of the twenty-first century. Its motivation is to (1) demonstrate the healthy and inspiring work being carried out on multiple dimensions of human rights, (2) capture the different kinds of insights and knowledge about human rights through the dialogic and conversational format of podcasts, and (3) illustrate the enduring importance of human rights, particularly during increasingly challenging times. Each series of the podcast has been structured around big questions in the field of human rights, which have evolved thematically over six years (2015-2021). 

The book also groups these big questions thematically, where the text is written for a general audience and in a user-friendly style. Part I provides the background and context for the content. Part II addresses significant human rights themes ranging from human rights mobilisation to human rights in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Part III addresses the global challenge of modern slavery, a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal aimed to help more than 40 million enslaved people in the world today. Part IV provides a stock take and projection for the future of human rights. The dialogic and conversational format of the podcasts provide a rich source of human rights content that stays close to the voice of the very people seeking to advance human rights.


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Author Information

Professor Todd Landman is a human rights scholar and champion for the advancement of human rights understanding. He is Professor of Political Science, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Executive Director of the Rights Lab Research Beacon of Excellence at the University of Nottingham.

Christine Garrington is a former BBC radio journalist turned podcast producer. Through the Research Podcasts arm of her consultancy, she specialises in the communication of research through the medium of podcasts.


Anthem Free Press

Table of Contents

Part I: Background and Context: 1. Human Rights in the Twenty-First Century; 2. Podcasting for Human Rights; Part II Human Rights Themes: 3. Mobilising for Human Rights; 4. Human Rights Evidence; 5. Freedom of Speech, Religion, Belief, and Thought; 6. Minorities, Migrants and Refugees; 7. Human Rights and COVID-19; Part III: Modern Slavery: 8. Slavery Past and Present; 9. Perpetrators and Survivors; 10. Business, Economics, and Modern Slavery; 11. Fighting Slavery on the Ground; Part IV: The Future of Human Rights: 12. Communicating Human Rights.


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