Top 10 Vaccine Objections

Top 10 Vaccine Objections

Doubts and Conversations

By Alex Ramirez

This work of narrative non-fiction deals with common questions and doubts people have about vaccines, using very accessible, conversational, non-technical language.

Paperback, 87 Pages


September 2020

£9.95, $12.95

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About This Book

This work of narrative non-fiction deals with common questions and doubts people have about vaccines, using very accessible, conversational, non-technical language. 

If you have ever thought any of the following, “Vaccines are not for me, I'm young and healthy and don't need them”; “I rather develop natural immunity to infections, without vaccination”; “Immunisation is a personal choice, it only affects me, so I'll take the risk” then this book is for you.  You would also enjoy this book if you have ever heard people articulate these beliefs and you couldn't quite put your finger on why these are common misunderstandings.  Throughout the book the author uses simple analogies, real-life examples and relatable stories, to explain common questions and objections people have about vaccines and vaccination. The text is wonderfully complemented by original and funny cartoons which bring home the main points, in a memorable and humorous way. 

This book is a collection of honest conversations and discussions he's had over the years with people who have doubts and hesitations about the contents, purpose, and safety of vaccines.


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Author Information

Alex Ramirez is a vaccinology and immunology expert, trained in biochemistry and medical research at Imperial College London. He has worked in academia, big-pharma and the biotech industry studying existing vaccines and new ones.


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Table of Contents

Introduction; I Don’t Believe in Vaccines; 1. I Never Got them and I’m Fine; 2. But Vaccines are Full of Toxic Chemicals; 3. Vaccines make me Feel Sick; 4. Vaccinations Cause Autism; 5. Vaccines are not for me; 6. They Only Work Half the Time; 7. I’d Never Inject Man-Made Chemicals; 8. I’ve Never Heard of These Diseases; 9. It’s Just a Big Pharma Scam; 10. I’d Rather Build a Natural Immunity; Vaccinations Don’t Work/They’re not Safe.


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