Trends in Comparative Law and Economics

Trends in Comparative Law and Economics

By Nuno Garoupa

The book is a short introduction to comparative law and economics, a growing field in the interaction between law, economics and comparative political science. It is a guide to economists, lawyers and political scientists looking for a brief overview.

Hardback, 250 Pages


June 2022

£60.00, $90.00

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About This Book

The book fills a gap since there is no quick reference in comparative law and economics at the moment. The book can be seen as a short introduction to comparative law and economics, a helpful guide to additional reading and a textbook for a short course or seminar. Comparative law and economics is a growing field in the interaction between law, economics and comparative political science. It includes both strands of the traditional literature, namely the role of legal families and microeconomic analysis of legal rules in a comparative perspective.

The book opens with a short introduction about the method and the standard discussion between common law and civil law. It brings in the debate over the legal origins’ theory and its consequences in terms of economic growth. It presents the study of courts at the global level and the importance of comparative judicial politics to stimulate a better understanding of comparative law and economics. The book also covers microeconomic analysis of legal rules with a few applications (titling of property, cost-shifting rules, plea-bargaining) and additional reading recommendations to the reader (for additional examples). The book then focuses on lawyering, with an emphasis on varying regulation of the legal profession around the world. The book concludes with a short summary of possible research developments in the next few years, namely behavioral and empirical advancements.


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Author Information

Nuno Garoupa is Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, George Mason University. He has a long established research interest in the economics of law and legal institutions and comparative judicial politics.


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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Comparative Law and Economics;
2. Law and Economics and Legal Families;
3. The Legal Origins’ Theory;
4. Comparative Judicial Politics;
5. Comparative Law and Economics at Micro Level;
6. Lawyering;
7. Conclusions.


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