Youth Movements and Generational Politics, 19th–21st Centuries

Youth Movements and Generational Politics, 19th–21st Centuries

Edited by Richard G. Braungart & Margaret M. Braungart

Youth Movements and Generational Politics, 19th–21st Centuries by Richard and Margaret Braungart is a collection of 19 of their previously published research articles on youthful political activism, generational conflict and social change—from the first student movement in Germany in 1815 to the international eruption of youth unrest and demonstrations in the 21st century. A concluding chapter assesses the global trends and worldwide surge in youth movement activity from 2000 to 2020, which is then put into perspective in relation to previous historical generations of youthful political unrest.

Hardback, 250 Pages


August 2022

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About This Book


“This book provides a macro view of the study of youth movement with extensive empirical research data across time and space, and contains research methods of qualitative and quantitative research. It will provide rich academic nutrition for interested readers. The book reminds us that the need will only increase to understand why youth movements erupt as the world becomes more interconnected, inequitable, and fraught with massive problems—climate change; the environment; displaced refugees; wars and terrorism; youth bulges; new diseases; pandemics; and social, political, and economic crises not yet imagined.” —Dr. Jiaming Sun, Texas A & M University, US

“This remarkable book, based upon decades of meticulous empirical research, provides a comprehensive analysis of linkages between youth and politics in the United States and abroad. It is an essential reading for anyone interested in the study of youth movements and political generations around the globe.” — Olena Nikolayenko, Fordham University, US

Author Information

Richard G. Braungart is professor emeritus in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, USA. His research on 1960s' youth movements, generational politics, and historical and global patterns of youth activism has received worldwide recognition. 

Margaret M. Braungart is professor emerita at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York, and a founding faculty member of the Center for Bioethics and Humanities. She has authored and coauthored numerous articles on youth movements that have been translated into many languages.


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Table of Contents

Preface; Acknowledgments and Sources; Introduction; Part 1: Youth Movements and Youth Politics; 1. Youth and Social Movements; 2. Moderate-Extreme and Left-Right Sources of Youth Politics: A Typology; 3. Moral Development and Youth Activism; 4. Activists and the History of the Future; 5. Reference Group, Social Judgment and Student Politics; 6. From Protest to Terrorism: The Case of SDS and the Weathermen; 7. Youth Movements in the 1980s: A Global Perspective; 8. Youth Problems and Politics in the 1980s: Some Multinational Comparisons; Part 2: Historical Generations and Political Generations; 9. Historical Generations and Youth Movements: A Theoretical Perspective; 10. Historical Generations and Generation Units: A Global Pattern of Youth Movements; 11. Historical Generations and Citizenship: 200 Years of Youth Movements; 12. Political Generations; 13. Political Generational Themes in the American Student Movements of the 1930s and 1960s; 14. European Youth Movements in the 1980s: A Political Generational Perspective; 15. Generational Conflict and Intergroup Relations as the Foundation for Political Generations; Part 3: Life-Course Politics; 16. Aging and Politics; 17. Why Youth in Youth Movements?; 18. The Life-Course Development of Left- and Right-Wing Youth Activist Leaders from the 1960s; 19. Conceptional and Methodological Approaches to Studying Life Course and Generational Politics; Conclusion; Index.


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