Political Discourse and Media in Times of Crisis

Political Discourse and Media in Times of Crisis

Edited by Sofia Iordanidou
Nael Jebril
Emmanouil Takas

Anthem Global Media and Communication Studies

This volume covers research paradigms regarding the shifts in political discourse and the media in times of continuous crisis. In particular, in the covid-era Europe is facing a second consecutive crisis, after the financial, social and political crisis in 2008.

PDF, 250 Pages


February 2023

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February 2023

£25.00, $40.00

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About This Book

The changes triggered by the global financial crisis in 2008, the immigration flows and the covid-19 pandemic in contemporary societies have transformed the way individuals communicate, create content, and ‘consume’ publicly available information. Consequently, political, societal, and financial pressures have led to alternative forms of media practice and representations and disrupted the core relationships and dynamics between politics, journalism, and society. 

In this context, several challenges emerge which are related to deeper social and cultural changes. Such challenges influence political communication and its relationship with the media and further impact the boundaries between private and public domains. Some of these challenges also constitute a direct challenge to democratic values and in some cases work against the preservation and strengthening of democracy. Moreover, all these developments are taking place at a time where democracy itself and its ‘chronic diseases’ are under criticism by new forms of authoritarianism and totalitarianism. 

This edited book examines the key challenges in political discourse and journalistic practice in times of crises. It focuses on European paradigms and links political rhetoric and media challenges with the societal, political, and financial crises from 2008 until the present.


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Author Information

Emmanouil Takas is head of the department of psychology in City Unity College, Greece. He holds a PhD in social psychology and is a post-doctoral researcher in media and political discourse. 

Nael Jebril is associate professor at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and senior lecturer in journalism at Bournemouth University in England.

Sofia Iordanidou is an associate professor of journalism and communication at the Open University of Cyprus and the chairwoman of the Advanced Media Institute, Applied Research in Communication and Journalism.


Anthem Global Media and Communication Studies

Table of Contents

Introduction: Political and Mediated Communication in Times of Crisis; Chapter1 – Debating Populism in the Bulgarian Media Ecosystem; Chapter 2 – Exploring the Populism/Anti-Populism Cleavage in Digital Media during the Greek Referendum; Chapter 3 – Political Communication through Social Media: Exploring Instagram Practices among Greek Politicians; Chapter 4 – Processes of Social Influence in Political Discourse during Times of Crisis. The Case Study of Greek Parliamentary Rhetoric; Chapter 5 – The Implications of Memoranda in the Greek Press; Chapter 6 – Elites versus the People? Tracing Populist Narrative through the Presentation of the Turkish Health Reform in Media; Chapter 7 – Disinformation and the Prespa Agreement – A Case Study; Chapter 8 – Framing the Yellow Vests Protests in the French Press; Chapter 9 – Framing the Pandemic: Strategic Rhetoric in Political Elite Discourse during the Covid-19 Health Crisis; Chapter 10 – Digital Political Communication in Emerging Media Markets: Challenges and Prospects.


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