Latin American Foreign Policies in the New World Order

Latin American Foreign Policies in the New World Order

The Active Non-Alignment Option

Edited by Jorge Heine
Carlos Fortin
Carlos Ominami

At a time of growing US-China tensions, and of Latin America’s deepest crisis in a century, Active Non-Alignment option embodies a novel way out of this predicament.

EPUB, 250 Pages


February 2023

£25.00, $35.00

PDF, 250 Pages


February 2023

£25.00, $35.00

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About This Book

For long, Latin America had the conceit of considering itself as “the middle class of nations”—not as rich as prosperous as the North Atlantic countries but certainly more so than those of Africa and Asia. This notion was always a bit of an artifice. Yet, it is one that has become especially apparent as the region descends from periphery to marginality, and “diplomatic eclipse”, in the words of Alain Rouquié. What to do to revert this trend? 

In this book, some of the region’s leading analysts and foreign policymakers argue that Active Non-Alignment is the path to follow if the region is to realize its full potential and occupy its rightful place in the concert of nations. Steeped in the best traditions of the Global South, but sharply attuned to the imperatives of the new century, Active Non Alignment constitutes a guide to foreign policy action in a world in turmoil, in which those not present at the high table charting a new path and shaping the new system will be left behind.

Charting the change from the old Third World’s cahiers des doleances diplomacy championing the New International Economic Order (NIEO) to the current new collective financial statecraft of the New South, reflected in entities like the Asian Investment and Infrastructure Bank (AIIB) and the New Development Bank, the book opens new vistas for a Latin America. The latter has diversified its diplomatic, trade, investment and financial links and will not let itself be cajoled back to the days of the Monroe Doctrine. Yet, the forging of collective action will require a much more concerted effort at regional cooperation that has been extant until now. For those purposes, Active Non Alignment provides the right set of tools.


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Author Information

Carlos Fortin is a research fellow emeritus at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex, and a former assistant secretary-general of UNCTAD.

Jorge Heine is a research professor at the Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University, and a former Chilean ambassador to China, India and South Africa.

Carlos Ominami is a director of the Chile 21 Foundation in Santiago, a former minister of economic affairs in the Chilean government, and a former senator.


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Table of Contents

Foreword; Introduction: Latin America at the Beginning of a New Decade: A Region between a Rock and a Hard Place, Carlos Fortin, Jorge Heine and Carlos Ominami; Part I: The Emerging World Order: 1. A World Order in Crisis, Jorge Heine; 2. The State of US–Latin American Relations: The Case for a Diplomacy of Equidistance, Juan Gabriel Tokatlian; 3. China as a New Partner for Latin America: Towards a Diversification of International Relations, Barbara Stallings; 4. The US–China Competition and Its Impact on Latin America in a Post-Pandemic World, Esteban Actis And Nicolás Creus; 5. Latin American Foreign Policies in an Era of Transition, Leslie Elliott Armijo; Part II: Active Non-Alignment in the New Geopolitical Environment: 6. The US–China Dispute and Latin American Security, Monica Herz, Antonio Ruy De Almeida Silva and Danilo Marcondes; 7. The Resurgence of Eurasia and Latin America, Andres Serbin; 8. From the Non-Aligned Movement to Active Non-Alignment: History and Lessons, Roberto Savio; 9. Latin America in the Post-Western World, Oliver Della Costa Stuenkel; 10. Latin America and Active Non-Alignment, Jorge Castañeda; Part III: Active Non-Alignment in the New International Political Economy: 11. The Insertion of Latin America in the World Economy, Alicia Bárcena and Sebastián Herreros; 12. Non-Active Alignment and International Financing, Carlos Ominami; 13. Active Non-Alignment and Global Economic Governance, Carlos Fortin; 14. Latin America, the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Restructuring of Value Chains, Osvaldo Rosales; 15. The Promise of Active Non-Alignment at the Intersection with Post-Hegemonic Regionalism, Diana Tussie; Part IV: National Perspectives: 16. Chile's Route to Non-Alignment, José Miguel Insulza; 17. Argentina and the Third Position, Jorge Taiana; 18. Peru, Autonomy and Active Non-Alignment, Rafael Roncagliolo and Humberto Campodónico; 19. Brazil and the Global South, Celso Amorim; Conclusions: Implications of the Active Non-Alignment Option, Carlos Fortin, Jorge Heine and Carlos Ominami.


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