The Woman Who Knew What She Wanted

The Woman Who Knew What She Wanted

By William Coles

A young man falls for a woman twice his age – but can the age-gap ever truly be bridged?

Paperback, 272 Pages


May 2013

£9.99, $18.95

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About This Book

Kim is a waiter in a Dorset hotel, an absolute hot-bed of sex. But he’s seeing none of it. Instead he falls for Cally, a 43-year-old artist who is steaming with chutzpah. She is a woman who grabs life by the throat; she knows what she wants – and most of the time she gets it, too. She lives only in the moment, losing a number of her nine lives – and nearly killing Kim in the process.

Kim finds love as he has never known it before – but even when he’s completely in Cally’s thrall, he’s still unable to resist the allure of other younger women.

A couple can bridge a 20-year age gap, but can they ever make the relationship last?

This is the third book in the series, following on from ‘The Well-Tempered Clavier’ and ‘The Woman Who Made Men Cry.’


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Author Information

William Coles is a journalist and author. He has embarked on an epic series of love stories which – with luck – will eventually stretch to at least a dozen novels.


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