The Woman Who Made Men Cry

The Woman Who Made Men Cry

By William Coles

Kim, a journalist in New York City, has found the girl of his dreams – and has agreed that she can continue to sleep with another man. A bittersweet story of passion, jealousy, and how far you can go for the woman you love.

Paperback, 218 Pages


October 2012

£9.99, $18.95

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About This Book

It’s 1998 and Kim is 'The Sun'’s correspondent in New York City, zigzagging across America chasing exclusives, among them President Bill Clinton’s infamous relations with Monica Lewinsky, an affair symbolic of a climate in which multiple lovers are increasingly becoming the norm. Back in Manhattan, though, Kim thinks he’s found the only woman for him: Elise is beautiful, witty, intelligent and, it goes without saying, a sensational lover. The only catch is that she doesn’t want just him – and he’s agreed to it. Kim still can’t really remember the details of the deal made over a boozy dinner, but he’s agreed that for one day a week, Elise can continue to see her French lover. For months on end, Kim is tormented by the knowledge that on Thursday nights his Elise is sleeping with someone else. But he loves her so much that he’s not even tempted to play the field himself.

Can a man be so desperate for a woman’s love that he allows himself to be ruled by her entirely? It’s something that he’ll never forget. And forgiveness… Forgiving her, that he can do, but will he ever be able to forgive himself?

A bittersweet love story about how far you can go for the woman you love – and at what cost.


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Author Information

William Coles is a prize-winning journalist and author of the acclaimed ‘The Well-Tempered Clavier’.


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