Human Resource Policy

Human Resource Policy

Connecting Strategy with Real-World Practice

By Mike Fazey

‘Human Resource Policy’ describes how policies anchor HR practice and connect HR to organisational strategy.

Paperback, 330 Pages


February 2020

£29.99, $49.95

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About This Book

‘Human Resource Policy’ provides practitioners and students with a conceptual framework and practical guidelines to establish and maintain an effective HR policy function. It highlights the importance of, but often neglected, policy function as the vital link between strategy and practice.

Taking a uniquely holistic approach to HR policy, ‘Human Resource Policy’ demonstrates how HR policies can contribute to the achievement of organisational goals and the development of organisational culture. It focuses on practical aspects such as the processes of policy development and policy implementation so that they are understood and have maximum impact on policy function. Common policy management challenges are also discussed.

The book also examines in detail 16 common HR policy areas and discusses policy options in each area. This part of the book includes learning activities based on realistic business scenarios that require readers to deal with policy issues and solve policy-related problems.

The book is an addition to the scarce literature dealing specifically with HR policy.


‘This text surpasses all others in the field, as it is a succinct yet comprehensive coverage of the important area of HR policy. The author walks the reader through the path of designing, reviewing and analysing effective HR policies, and the laws and practices that underpin them.’
—Stephen Treloar, Dean and Academic Director, The Institute of International Studies, Sydney, Australia

‘A crucial issue in practical HR management is the need for dynamic policies. If HR practitioners are to truly partner with business, then policies cannot be the traditional “rule book” that forces compliance by limiting flexibility and rapid response. Constant refinement is essential to meet ever-changing business needs. This book skilfully fills that gap in the practitioner’s toolkit.’
—Helen Sitlington, Managing Director, Workplace Management Network, Perth, Australia

Author Information

Mike Fazey lectures in human resource management at the University of Notre Dame Australia (Fremantle). He also has 28 years of experience as a human resources practitioner and strategist.


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Table of Contents

Preface; Part 1 – Policy Concepts; 1. Introduction to HR Policy; 2. Contextual Factors Influencing Policy; 3. Policy and Strategy; 4. Policy and Culture; 5. Policy and Risk Management; 6. Policy, Creativity and Innovation; 7. Policy and Ethics; 8. Policy, Sustainability and Social Responsibility; Part 2 – Policy Processes; 9. Policy Needs Identification; 10. Policy Development; 11. Policy Implementation; 12. Policy Review; 13. Managing Policy Issues; Part 3 – Policy Applications; 14. Codes of Conduct; 15. Dress Codes; 16. Discipline Policy; 17. Grievance and Dispute Resolution Policy; 18. Attendance Management Policy; 19. Leave Management Policy; 20. Performance Management Policy; 21. Remuneration and Rewards Policy; 22. Equity and Diversity Policy; 23. Workplace Flexibility Policy; 24. Staffing Policy; 25. Learning and Development Policy; 26. Succession Management Policy; 27. Work Health, Safety and Well-Being Policy; 28. Employee Privacy Policy; 29. Social Media Policy; Index.


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