Learning to Fly: How to Manage Your Career in a Turbulent and Changing World

Learning to Fly: How to Manage Your Career in a Turbulent and Changing World

By Mike Rosenberg
Foreword by Peter Tufano

Learning to Fly: How to Manage Your Career in a Turbulent and Changing World offers a practical framework with which to chart one’s own path towards the future. The book will give clarity and help those who have left or lost their job or are thinking about which path to take to find their own sense of purpose.

Paperback, 230 Pages


September 2022

£13.99, $19.95

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About This Book

Over the last 20 years, the world has gone through economic crisis, geopolitical tensions, a looming climate emergency and most recently, Covid-19, with all that it brought with it. The years 2020 and 2021, in particular, have seen tremendous advances in digitalization while at the same time have seen millions of people leave their jobs for one reason or another.

In these turbulent times many people struggle to chart a career path which will provide for themselves and their families while at the same time give them a real sense of purpose.

Learning to Fly: How to Manage Your Career in a Turbulent and Changing World offers a practical and tested framework with which to chart one’s own path towards the future. The book will challenge assumptions as well as help in thinking about career options that are likely to be future proof. It will also help find balance between career aspirations and other aspects of one’s life that may be more important such as family, health and the purpose for which one is on the planet in the first place.


“The future is full of opportunity if you know where to look. Mike Rosenberg is a wise, pragmatic guide to the spectrum of career paths now opening up—and how to find your own path by walking it.” —John Elkington, Founder and Chief Pollinator, Volans, and author of Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism.

“The world is full of enormous challenges which are also opportunities. Mike Rosenberg’s book gives people of all ages insight into how to shape their career to find both purpose and opportunity in the changing world we are living in.” —Franz Heukamp, Dean, IESE Business School, Spain.

“Unstable times affect professional careers and those who stubbornly stick to their old plan will find themselves in a bad place. The quality of the answers Mike Rosenberg gives us is based on the quality of the questions he asks from the perspective of digital change, environmental influences and geopolitical factors.” —Wolfgang Doell, Founder & Managing Director, Gain Management Advisors, Germany.

“Career management should be a continuous exercise that, as a road map, must be detailed enough to be useful and updated enough to be relevant. Once again Mike has mastered in this book the integration of his unique holistic vision and real life experience gained at top institutions in strategy consulting, executive search and business education. Through the pages of this book, Mike helps those new to the work place and senior level executives reflect on their career and set a purpose driven personal and professional plan.” —Diego Esteban, Managing Director at Russel Reynolds, Singapore.

“Mike Rosenberg in his book considers an issue which is important for any person of any age, who would like to be successful, actual and in demand: how to plan, design and build up a career. The book is much broader than just how to find a job. In particular it discusses work-life balance, purpose and values, and bears in mind that we work to live not live to work.” —Andrei Sharanov, President, Skolkovo Business School, Moscow.

“Many of us will remember the Covid-19 as a key turning point, where we felt compelled to revisit what mattered the most, what purpose animated us, and what course we should chart for ourselves. How to Manage Your Career in a Turbulent and Changing World provides the clues to approach this change, while navigating an uncertain environment. A must read with full of key learning’s based on experience, and truly applicable to everyone, at every stage of a career.” —Vincent Petit, Senior Vice President, Energy Transition, Sustainability Re-search Institute.

“COVID-19 and its aftermath have thrown the global economy and job market into chaos. Learning to Fly is a how-to guide on navigating the chaos, and finding meaning and purpose at work along the way. It gives readers practical ideas and tools to manage their careers in a whole new way.” —Michelle Wallin, Journalist working for Communications Director at the Business School, Greg Burke.

Author Information

Mike Rosenberg is a professor of the practice of management at IESE Business School in Barcelona where he lectures on strategy, geopolitics, and sustainability. Prior to his work in academia, Professor Rosenberg was Global Practice Leader and Partner at Heidrick & Struggles, the Executive Search Firm.


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Table of Contents

Foreword; Introduction; CHAPTER 1 Understanding the World; CHAPTER 2 Setting a Course; CHAPTER 3 Telling Your Story; CHAPTER 4 Shaping the Space; CHAPTER 5 Choosing a Role; CHAPTER 6 Picking a Place; CHAPTER 7 Finding the Right Combination; CHAPTER 8 Changing Jobs; CHAPTER 9 Changing Phases; CHAPTER 10 Lifelong Learning ; CHAPTER 11 Purpose and Values; CHAPTER 12 Conclusion: Making It Happen; List of Figures; List of Boxes; Index


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