Reinventing Live

Reinventing Live

The Always-On Future of Events

By Denzil Rankine & Marco Giberti

Forget events as one-off experiences, and organizers purely organizing events. Welcome to a new world, where events build communities and nurture relationships ‘all year round’ – all with event technology at its core. Featuring dozens of practical case studies, this book will help event professionals or anyone looking to enter the future of the live events industry.

PDF, 174 Pages


December 2020

£13.25, $17.50

EPUB, 174 Pages


December 2020

£13.25, $17.50

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About This Book

Forget the traditional one-off, in-person event. Welcome to a new world, where event organizers no longer see themselves as pure organizers; rather their role is to facilitate – business, connections, education and advocacy. 

Events are all about building communities and nurturing customer relationships ‘all year round’ – with the use of event technology at its core. So much so, that digital platforms with already highly engaged communities are adding events as a seamless extension of their services. With more competition, it is imperative organizers help change the mind-set of their organizations. Are they in the business of events or value-adding community catalysts?

The authors Denzil Rankine and Marco Giberti have seen it all in their 30 years of consulting, operating and investing across the global exhibitions and events industry. Based on dozens of their interviews with senior executives, entrepreneurs and investors this book is packed full of practical case studies that will equip readers with new strategies, tools and insights they can apply back into their day-to-day roles. This book is a must-read for C-Level management, marketing and event professionals, or anyone looking to participate in the events industry.


"Thanks for writing this book. It couldn’t be more timely. This book elegantly bridges the legacy live exhibition business to what the authors call 'community catalyst'. The challenge is now with us, the exhibitions organizers of the world, to engage."—Charlie McCurdy, Chief Executive, Informa Markets

"You have nailed it! It held my interest, and it was more than thought provoking. My wholehearted praise and huge thanks for doing this and helping us shape the future in such difficult times." —Simon Kimble, Chairman, Clarion Events 

“What a timely, lively and thought provoking journey to the future of events! As humans, we think the status quo is the future or things can and will revert to the way they were. But as leaders our job means questioning these assumptions, testing, challenging and pushing against the envelope. A must read for anyone connected to events!” —Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association, producer of CES®

“2020 has seen an enormous move to digital for the events industry but in reality it’s just an acceleration of changes that the industry has been slow to make. Denzil’s and Marco’s book is an essential read for executives working their way through the digital change and looking to make sure they cover all the angles. This book is a key read in establishing your strategy for the future of your business.” —Douglas Emslie, Group Chief Executive of Tarsus, Chairman of SISO, Director of AEO

"I found Reinventing Live absolutely enriching as it clearly addresses the challenges and opportunities of our industry and suggests a strategic vision and plan that we should consider. Thanks, infinite thanks, for this great contribution to all of us who are part of this industry, as you have managed to structure, synthesize and formulate a very complete vision for the events industry." —Andrés López Valderrama, past President of UFI and current CEO of Corferias, Honorary President of Afida (International Association of Exhibitions of America)

“I think the book is excellent, timely and much needed. It lays the foundation for the new event paradigm and then gives practical advice on how to build on that foundation. I really enjoyed it!” —Paul Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Questex LLC

"Effective strategies begin with a solid understanding of where you sit in your industry and where you need to go. Denzil and Marco provide an important guide for tackling the serious challenges faced by live event leadership and management as they transition to a very different post-Covid world. Really a must read." —Thomas M. Kuczynski, Managing Director, The Pareto Group

“The heavyweights of event strategy and technology deliver a thorough study of the current crisis and where it could take us, based on compelling case studies and their vast experience. You won’t find a chance to talk to these guys everyday, so don’t miss the chance to read what they have to say!” —Dr. Barış Onay, Digital & Commercial Transformation Leader

Author Information

Denzil Rankine is Founder and Executive Chairman of AMR International, the world’s leading strategy consulting firm for the events industry. 

Marco Giberti is Founder and CEO of Vesuvio Ventures. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor with 25 years’ experience in media, technology and the events industry.


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Table of Contents

List of Exhibits; 1. Introductions by the Authors; 2. Summary; 3. Events up to 2020; 4. Why Events are Changing; 5. Alternative Future Models for Events; 6. Event Tech; 7. The Online-Offline-Online Thesis; 8. How to Navigate in the New World; 9. How to Structure for Success in the New World; 10. A Conversation between the Authors; Appendix 1. Case Study; Appendix 2. CEO Checklist—10 Things to Do; Appendix 3. Strategic Roadmap; Appendix 4. Digital Preparedness Self-Assessment Checklist; Index.


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