The Theory and Practice of Creative Coaching

The Theory and Practice of Creative Coaching

Analysis and Methods

By Arthur Turner

The Theory and Practice of Creative Coaching is the result of ten years of research and experimentation into the place and role of creativity in learning about and undertaking the skills of coaching in the workplace. The contents outline a wide variety of approaches and ideas to enhance and develop effective coaching relationship

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July 2023

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July 2023

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About This Book

The Theory and Practice of Creative Coaching is a book that seeks to unearth new and exciting ways of coaching individuals in organisations and communities generally. Much of the practical writing about coaching is dominated by the use of coaching models and approaches and less work has been undertaken exploring the human basis for this work. Taking its source of inspiration from a wide range of sources such as philosophy and the practical joys of nature this book will seek to fill some gaps in the ways in which practice unfolds. 

Much of work undertaken has been against the practical backdrop of pitching theory against practice . In addition, more recently, this is set against trends involved in Higher Education whereby mature adults are undergoing over 12 months of training to achieve the nationally recognised ILM coaching qualifications at Levels 5 and 7. This represents contact with a diverse set of cohorts of learners of over 300 students in the past 5 years for more than 100 contact hours per cohort. Mixing theory with practice is one of the strong points of these vocational qualifications ‘producing’ highly motivated practitioners forging their understanding in the fulcrum of reflective practice and individual reflexivity.

Against this backdrop ideas, concepts and new ways of thinking have produced groups of coaches who are adept at utilising core and fundamental aspects of human nature to become successful coaches. Huge shifts in understanding have been made through engaging in creative activities; to engaging in art, metaphors, nature, walking and unusual methods of engagement with a fellow human in a coaching setting. As a result, this book sheds light upon the use of creative techniques and begins to extend the possibilities for coaches and their clients. Pitched as a way in which peers and equals can work together to learn and develop alternative coaching approaches this book forms the platform for strong learning and an increased diversity of practice and understanding.


‘Arthur F. Turner is one of those rare individuals who is able to bring a crisp, clear and engaging writing style and blend this with new insights into the coaching process, from the use of silence to the application of playfulness and humour. As coaches move beyond the focus on open questions, clean language and active listening, this book provides the spice which can move coaching from the mundane to the magical.’ — Jonathan Passmore, Professor of Coaching & Behavioural Change, Henley Business School, Greenlands, Henley on Thames, Oxon, RG9 3AU

‘Arthur’s work stands at the vanguard of creative approaches to coaching – his experience and knowledge are of profound importance in understanding how we can better educate managers and leaders. I therefore recommend this book as a must-read for those involved in management development, coaching, mentoring and executive education.’ — Gareth Edwards, Professor of Leadership and Community Studies, and Deputy Director, The Bristol Leadership and Change Centre (BLCC)

‘This is a refreshing and inspiring book for any coach who would like to broaden and spice up their coaching toolkit. Based on theory, experimentation and reflective practice, the author invites you to explore innovative approaches to create a liminal space where meaningful dialogue can emerge and flourish.’ — Dr.KarineMangion-Thornley, Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies

Author Information

Arthur Turner is a United Kingdom qualified executive coach at Level 7 and a Senior Lecturer in a United Kingdom Universit. He is an experienced coach and mentor who has been developing an understanding of the creative elements of working with individuals in the sphere of work-based and executive coaching.


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Table of Contents

About the Author; Preface; Influences; Introduction; Section1 Theory and Research; 1.Central Ideas and Reflections; 2.Mediating Objects; 3.Original Research (2011–2014): Looking at Adult Learning; 4.Creativity; 5.Introduction to Practice; Sections 2 and 3 Theory to Practice; Introduction; Section 2 Alternative Foci; 6. Coaching and the Utilization of Silence; 7. Humour and Playfulness; Section 3 Three Detailed Examples of Creativity in the Service of Executive Coaching (Walking, the Use of Finger Puppets and the Use of Music); 8. Walking and Coaching; 9. The Use of Finger Puppets; 10. Music and How Can It Be Used in Coaching Practice; 11. Final Thoughts: Epilogue; Index


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