Financing the Entrepreneurial Venture

Financing the Entrepreneurial Venture

A Casebook

By Paul A. Gompers

This book explores the financial issues facing startup companies.

EPUB, 862 Pages


June 2024

£56.00, $84.00

PDF, 862 Pages


June 2024

£56.00, $84.00

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About This Book

Financing the Entrepreneurial Venture focuses on financial management within entrepreneurial firms. Most of these are young firms, although some are more established. The book examines these firms at all phases of their life cycle, from the initial idea generation to the ultimate harvesting of the venture. The book covers firms in a diverse set of industries including high technology, low technology, and services. A significant fraction of the cases focus on non-U.S. ventures. Additionally, the issues of gender and diversity are addressed in a number of settings.

Financing the Entrepreneurial Venture entails understanding both sides of the balance sheet. Consequently, the book looks at issues related to both sides as well. The first section of the book explores how to evaluate entrepreneurial business opportunities, that is, the asset side of the balance sheet. The skills necessary to make good investment decisions include developing a framework of analysis for business opportunities. The process also entails reinforcing and enhancing valuation skills. With these tools, one will be able to qualitatively and quantitatively assess markets and opportunities.

The second section of the book examines how entrepreneurial investments are financed. An emphasis is placed on understanding financial institutions and deal terms. It then examines how entrepreneurial firms which have succeeded need to continually finance the scaling of their operations. What are the financial issues that affect these types of firms? How do the sources and terms of financing change? This transition to the second product or opportunity is often the most difficult time for the entrepreneurial enterprise. The book then concludes with an examination of harvesting. Unless an entrepreneur plans for the future realization on investment, he or she could get left holding the bag with little value having been created.


“Paul Gompers has put together an impressive set of notes and cases that can help prospective en-trepreneurs and venture capital investors substantially improve their likelihood of success. They also provide a clear roadmap and comprehensive materials for professors who want to teach entrepre-neurial finance.” — Steven Kaplan, Neubauer Family Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

“Professor Gompers’s casebook offers an impressive array of relevant case studies that illuminate the multiple facets of entrepreneurial finance. This book is for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to turn their dreams into reality, and their investors who devise the required financing structures to fund their risky ventures.” — Thomas Hellmann, DP World Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Author Information

PAUL GOMPERS: EUGENE HOLMAN PROFESSOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, specializes in research on financial issues related to start-up, high growth and newly public companies. Professor Gompers has an appointment in both the Finance and Entrepreneurial Management areas.


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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments; Section 1: Introduction; Section 2: Defining the Entrepreneurial Business Model and Cash Flow Implications; Section 3: Valuation in Entrepreneurial Settings; Section 4: Financing the Entrepreneurial Venture; Section 5: Gender and Diversity in Entrepreneurship; Section 6: Entrepreneurial Finance in Emerging Markets; Section 7: Harvesting; Index


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