First Hill Books, an imprint of Anthem Press, provides authors with the opportunity to publish trade/crossover books. Written by scholars, practitioners and professionals, titles are aimed toward a general audience. Unlike Anthem Press, First Hill Books is a hybrid publishing imprint. Hybrid publishers combine aspects of traditional publishing and self-publishing.


First Hill Books welcomes submissions of proposals for works that meet the criteria of this programme. Acceptance of such proposals is selective and based on a number of contributing factors. We make prompt editorial decisions. Our titles are published in print and e-book editions and may be subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field. Should you wish to send in a proposal, please contact us at:

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The Key to Music’s Genetics

By Christian Lehmann, Translated by Holger Flock

£16.95, $26.95  Hardback

September 2014

Value of Failure

Edited by Leszek Gracz & Joanna Markiewicz

£25.00, $40.00  Paperback

November 2017

£70.00, $115.00  Hardback

November 2017

The Desperate Union

By Ewoud van Laer, Foreword by Simon Kuper

£14.99, $23.95  Paperback

November 2019

Entrepreneurial Living

By Dietmar Grichnik

£14.99, $26.95  Paperback

November 2019

Top 10 Vaccine Objections

By Alex Ramirez

£9.95, $12.95  Paperback

September 2020

Quandaries of Belonging

By Michael Jackson

£25.00, $32.95  Hardback

December 2020

The AI Leader

By J. Mark Munoz & Al Naqvi

£25.00, $32.95  Hardback

August 2021

The Graft

By Edmund O. Lawler

£21.99, $29.95  Hardback

August 2021

Life in Reverse

By Ron Westray

£29.99, $39.95  Hardback

September 2021

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