Sustainable Peace in Northeast Asia

Sustainable Peace in Northeast Asia

By Yong-SHik Lee

Sustainable Peace in Northeast Asia examines the causes of lasting and complex tensions in the region and explores possible solutions to build lasting peace here.

PDF, 250 Pages


September 2023

£25.00, $40.00

EPUB, 250 Pages


September 2023

£25.00, $40.00

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About This Book

Northeast Asia, covering China, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia and Japan, while an economically vibrant area offering unprecedented economic opportunities for the rest of the world is, at the same time, among the most politically and militarily unstable regions, creating a worldwide security risk. This risk has been dramatically revealed by the nuclear crisis followed by nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches by North Korea. Although a catastrophe has been avoided by summit meetings between the heads of South and North Korea on April 27, 2018, and between the United States and North Korea on June 12, 2018, there is still substantial uncertainty and a risk of major military conflict. 

Although less dramatic and visible to the outside world, there have long been other political and military tensions among the constituent countries in Northeast Asia with deep historical roots, such as territorial disputes; lack of reconciliation in the atrocities caused by the Second World War in this area; deepening disparity among Northeast Asian countries in political influence and military powers associated with the rise of China; and uncertainty over the future of the region due to the potential instability of North Korea owing to its international confrontations, internal political issues and economic problems. The magnitude of these issues has the potential to destabilize the entire region with substantial global impact. 

Sustainable Peace in Northeast Asia examines the causes of lasting and complex tensions in the region from underlying political, historical, military and economic perspectives; discusses their historical development and political-economic implications for the world; and explores possible solutions to build lasting peace in the region. The book is unique in that it approaches the subject from the historical perspective of each constituent country in the region. Major global powers such as the United States and Russia have also closely engaged in the political and economic affairs in this region through a network of alliances, diplomacy, trade and investment. The book also discusses the influence of these external powers over the crisis, their political and economic objectives in the region, their strategies and the dynamics that their engagement has created. Both South Korea and North Korea have sought reunification of the Korean peninsula, which will have a substantial impact on the region. The book examines its justification, feasibility and effects for the region. The book discusses the role of Mongolia in the context of the power dynamics in Northeast Asia. A relatively small country, in terms of its population, Mongolia has rarely been examined in this context; Sustainable Peace in Northeast Asia makes a fresh assessment on its potential role.


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Author Information

Yong-Shik Lee is a lawyer, economist, international relations scholar and former diplomat with over one hundred academic publications.


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Table of Contents

1. Introduction; 2. The Heritage from the Cold War—North Korea and the Nuclear Crisis; 3. The New Asian Paradigm or Return to the Old Asia—Rise of China and Its Role in the Region; 4. A New Balancer in the Region? South Korea at the Crossroads; 5. A Power with Rising Concerns: Japan under Tensions with the Neighbors; 6. Insiders from the Outside: The United States and Russia; 7. A Hidden Player: Mongolia and Its Role in the Power Dynamics of Northeast Asia; 8. Pathway to Peace and Stability: Towards a Power Balance in the Region; 9. Conclusion.


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