Revolution and the Global Struggle for Modernity

Revolution and the Global Struggle for Modernity

A Comparative Approach

By Frank Jacob

Anthem Intercultural Transfer Studies

The present book provides a comparative ten-step model for revolutions and will show that these must be considered a global phenomenon of modernity.

PDF, 250 Pages


April 2023

£25.00, $40.00

EPUB, 250 Pages


April 2023

£25.00, $40.00

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About This Book

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels had realized the power of revolutionary movements within history, and considered them an essential step towards the creation of a classless society. Nevertheless, the number of failed revolutions is as high as the dreams and hopes usually related to a revolutionary change. As a global phenomenon of modernity, the history of revolutions needs to be written comparatively, and for this a comparative model is without any doubt a necessary tool. 

Such a model, namely a comparative ten-step model will be provided in this book, to be then used to compare revolutionary case studies. Of course, the similarities among them are of special interest, while the diversity, related to regional or national preconditions, shall not be neglected. However, a comparison promises a better and critical insight into the historical developments of revolutionary processes as such.

The present book will therefore analyze several revolutions of the “long” nineteenth and “short” twentieth century to show how revolutionary processes evolved. It will use the mentioned comparative ten-step model to emphasize similarities with regard to the revolutionary developments in different parts of the world. The book thereby aims at providing a general, but deeper, understanding of revolutions as a global phenomenon of modernity while explaining how revolutionary processes evolve and develop, and how they could and can be corrupted. The revolutionary case studies discussed include, among others, France, Russia, Mexico, and China.


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Author Information

Frank Jacob is a professor of global history (nineteenth and twentieth centuries) at Nord Universitet, Norway.


Anthem Intercultural Transfer Studies

Table of Contents


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