Tao of Love

Tao of Love

By Leda Joandaughter

Sensitive and beautifully wrought, ‘Tao of Love’ follows Annabelle, a survivor of abhorrent childhood abuse, as she experiences the regenerative power of love.

EPUB, 200 Pages


October 2011

£5.99, $9.99



October 2011

£5.99, $9.99

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About This Book

In this stunning novel of sublime love, Leda Joandaughter weaves a beautiful yarn of disparate shades and textures, entwining romantic passion, computer industry absurdity, family tensions and memories of misery. A vintage story set in 1989, ‘Tao of Love’ concerns Annabelle, a survivor of abhorrent childhood abuse, stalwartly determined to create a better life for her daughter Sarah. In a rare stroke of good luck, Annabelle meets Eddie, a handsome and unselfish young man who provides the underpinnings of pleasure and support, along with philosophical inspiration based on the teachings of the Tao. Through Eddie, Annabelle experiences an erotic awakening in spite of her haunted past, as well as an emboldened determination to succeed in all areas of life – regardless of multiple obstacles.

Joandaughter has combined her masterful use of poetry with beautifully-crafted spare prose to produce an intelligent page-turner. With its subtle humour and keen sensitivity, ‘Tao of Love’ stands as a beacon of female hope: hope for more than mere survival following abuse; hope for great love and joy, inspired by values wrought through compassion; and hope for the values of courage, that provide a true meaning to life.


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Author Information

Leda Joandaughter is a former teacher, and is now a full-time writer and published novelist.


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