The WTO and its Development Obligation

The WTO and its Development Obligation

Prospects for Global Trade

By Elimma C. Ezeani

'The WTO and its Development Obligation' boldly argues that, in view of the WTO's development-based focus, there is an urgent need for developing countries to realise the potential benefits of global trade in their domestic environment.

Paperback, 302 Pages


October 2011

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About This Book

‘The WTO and its Development Obligation: Prospects for Global Trade’ presents a sound argument in favour of the WTO adhering to its long-standing development obligation. Ezeani goes further than merely highlighting the problems of developing country integration, and provides a comprehensive analysis of the underlying factors that are preventing developing countries from making meaningful gains through participation in global trade. She assesses the effectiveness of current 'development-based' programmes of the WTO as well as the DSB, and stresses the importance for developing countries of recognising the potential benefits of global trade.

Through an account of the beginnings of organised global trade, Ezeani strengthens the case against treating developing countries differently by examining the fundamental constraints of applying early economic principles to the modern environment.


'This book adopts an interdisciplinary perspective, taking the law of the WTO as its foundation, but also delving into questions of political economy, international relations, and development studies. A significant contribution to the debate on trade and development, and the role of the WTO.' —Piet Eeckhout, Director of the Centre of European Law, Kings College London

Author Information

Elimma C. Ezeani PhD is a lecturer in Law at Aberdeen Business School. Her publications include 'Implementing the SPS Agreement: An Inversely Proportional Developing Country Obligation?' in the 'Manchester Journal of International Law', 'Trade Decisions Devoid of Judicial Activism: Too Much Too Soon for the Dispute Settlement Body' in the 'Journal of International Trade Law' and 'Carpe Diem! Developing Countries and Global Trade in Services' in 'AE & E Legal Newsletter'.


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Table of Contents

Table of Cases; Table of Statutes and International Agreements; Abbreviations Introduction; Chapter 1: The WTO and the Rules-based System; Chapter 2: Development and the WTO Approach; Chapter 3: Developing Country Integration; Chapter 4: Judicial Review of the Development Question; Chapter 5: The Way Forward - Multilateral Co-operation and Internal Reform; Conclusion; Appendix 1 (Selected Case Study): Obligations and Challenges Under the WTO Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards; Bibliography


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