Two Thousand Thoughts

Two Thousand Thoughts

By Arvind Sharma

A collection of quotable thoughts on various subjects.

Hardback, 198 Pages


January 2023

£15.95, $19.95

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About This Book

In the course of one’s life in academia, one tends to formulate insights on various matters one encounters in a succinct form to share with one’s students and colleagues. This book is a collection of such thoughts.


“Arvind Sharma is one of the few scholars of theology and religion with a firm grasp of both the Western and Eastern traditions and the changes that have taken place in each of them as they have responded to each other. The interaction of East and West is the frontier of current religious studies, and no one has mastered it as well as Sharma. Further, he writes in a clear, understandable style, without elaborate scholarly decor. This book is the fruit of a long career in the study of religion and culture, East and West” — Harvey Cox, author of A New Heaven: Death, Human Destiny and the Kingdom of God.

“Despite his humorous skepticism, Arvind Sharma goes straight for the Truth in some of his provocative thoughts, such as ‘The moment a wave calms down, it disappears. So does the mind.’ These aphorisms reflect wisdom gleaned from his long experience and appreciation of all religions, and life as it is” — Mary Pat Fisher, author of Living Religions, and Manager of Gobind Sadan interfaith community, New Delhi.

Author Information

Arvind Sharma is the Birks Professor of Comparative Religion at McGill University in Montréal, Canada.


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Table of Contents

Preface to Two Thousand Thoughts; Thoughts


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